‘HE’S LOST IT’: Should President Biden run for reelection? Americans weigh in

Americans across the nation weighed in on whether President Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024, with a vast majority telling Fox News he should not seek a second term.

‘No, I don’t think Biden should run again,’ said Emma, a Nashville resident. ‘I just think he’s too old, and he’s lost it and people have really lost respect for him.’



But David, of Washington, D.C., disagreed.

‘He has the most experience of most anybody since he’s been on the Hill for over 36 years,’ David he told Fox News. Of the more than two dozen Americans Fox News interviewed, only one other person supported Biden seeking a second term.

Biden, 80, has not formally announced a reelection bid. He entered the White House in January 2021 as the oldest presidential candidate to be elected and would leave office at the age of 86 should he complete a second term.

Another Nashville resident doubted Biden’s mental acuity.

‘I feel he’s incompetent,’ the man told Fox News. ‘He can’t even finish sentences.’

A Yuma, Arizona, man said he believes Biden may be unfit for office.

‘I’m not sure he’s going to be up for it physically or, quite frankly, cognitively,’ he told Fox News.

Biden represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate for 36 years before serving as vice president under former President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. The octogenarian has faced repeated criticism over whether his age affects his presidential performance.

‘I do think we need a younger voice and younger face in the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party,’ Aidan, a Bellingham, Washington, resident who voted for Biden in 2020, told Fox News.

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Hannah Ray Lambert reported from Washington state; Megan Myers from Yuma; Jon Michael Raasch from Washington, D.C.; Gabrielle Reyes from Austin; and Teny Sahakian from Nashville.

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