Was Ohio State’s missed field goal really right at midnight?

It’s understandable if Georgia football fans lost track of time Saturday night as the Peach Bowl came to a close. Time slowly ticked toward the New Year as Ohio State drove down the field in Mercedes-Benz Stadium with hopes of beating the Bulldogs.

A synced video making its rounds on social media shows that Ohio State’s missed field goal was down to the second when the clock flipped from 2022 to 2023.

Twitter user Timothy Burke synced three of ESPNs telecasts and the Times Square ball drop in New York City using time stamps, and the result showed the countdown to the new year alongside the moment of Ohio State’s final offensive play.

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The ball was snapped four seconds to midnight, and when it hit the ground well left of the goal posts, midnight struck.

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Burke, a communications journalist from Tampa, answered questions as to video’s accuracy.

‘Every video is timestamped to the second when it starts recording, and I know when ‘midnight’ is because it’s evident in the video from times square,’ Burke responded to a Tweet. ‘So that’s how we knew how to sync it.’

Another video from a hotel bar in Atlanta showed the missed kick land on one television about three seconds before another TV broadcast midnight on its Times Square countdown.

Burke tweeted that video with an explanation: ‘Here’s one done manually. Whether the kick came before, during, or after midnight where you are depends on how you get your cable TV and how much latency there is.’

As of Monday morning, Burke’s video had 9 million views, nearly 15,000 retweets, and was mentioned by Mike Tirico during Sunday night’s NFL game.

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