Rep.-elect George Santos faces scrutiny over campaign filings his team blames as ‘database error’: Report

A federal insider is questioning embattled Republican Rep.-elect George Santos’s explanation that dozens of $199.99 campaign expenses were the result of an FEC ‘database error.’

‘I don’t believe it,’ Ann Ravel, former FEC chairwoman, told the New York Post about the Santos claim that the mysterious expense filings were the result of a database error. ‘There are too many expenditures for the $199 that were filed.’

Santos, who is currently under investigation after admitting to several lies about his personal life and resume on the campaign trail where he was eventually elected to represent New York’s 3rd Congressional District in November, has defended himself against questions about the FEC expense filings.

‘This reporting issue is the result of a database error and amendments were filed with the FEC. We believe that accurate information has been provided to the FEC,’ a Santos campaign representative told the New York Post in an email.

According to FEC filings, the Santos campaign recorded 37 expenditures between April 2021 and February 2022 that totaled $199.99, one cent below the threshold for federal law requiring receipts.

Among the expenses were rooms at Florida hotels, supply runs to Staples and Target, airline flights and meals at various restaurants.

‘If they did provide an amending filing to the FEC to change it, and if the FEC agrees that it was a database error, the FEC would have already changed the website,’ Ravel said.

Christian Hillard, a representative for the FEC, agreed that ‘any amended transactions and filings submitted by committees would be reflected in the data through the FEC website.’

The Santos campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Santos recently admitted to fabricating his business resume, Jewish faith, and education and told Fox News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ guest host Tulsi Gabbard that everyone makes mistakes.

‘I think humans are flawed, and we all make mistakes, Tulsi,’ Santos said. ‘I think we can all look at ourselves in the mirror and admit that once in our life we made a mistake. I’m having to admit this on national television for the whole country to see. And I have the courage to do so because I believe that in order to move past this and move forward and be an effective member of Congress, I have to face my mistakes, and I’m facing them.’

Santos has faced criticism from fellow Republicans and calls to resign but has refused to do so, and the Democrat he defeated in November has demanded an election rematch.

‘George, if that’s even your real name, if you’re so convinced that #NY3 voters still trust you – resign & run against me again in a special election,’ Democrat Robert Zimmerman tweeted Tuesday. ‘Face the voters with your real past & answer questions about your criminal history. Let the voters decide.’

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