What’s next for Pat McAfee in sports media?

As his good friend Aaron Rodgers emerges from thought-provoking isolation, Pat McAfee is also contemplating his next move.

McAfee is known for his energetic personality among sports circles. He holds many titles that include being an analyst on College Gameday and a WWE commentator. McAfee also does work for FanDuel and has his very own telecast, ‘The Pat McAfee Show.’

In a recent Twitter post, McAfee reflected on his incredible journey. He expressed gratitude for the opportunities he was presented. However, McAfee alluded to focusing more on his family. His wife, Samantha, is set to welcome a baby girl in May.

‘So many things from a business point of view for a tank top wearing (expletive) to ponder. … But I’m incredibly proud to be in the position that we’re in,’ McAfee wrote.

McAfee has generated headlines with his viral show. Fans tune in for the latest updates regarding Rodgers and news around the sports landscape. McAfee also drew a big WWE following for his commentary on “Friday Night Smackdown.”

His love for wrestling also placed him in the spotlight. McAfee had a WrestleMania 38 match against Vince McMahon last year. He mentioned that his tenure with WWE will be tied to a rumored sale of the company.

‘Baby girl on the way… what’s that mean for my future with WWE,’ McAfee said. ‘I LOVE it but, they’re allegedly gonna be sold, who’s buying them? Do I want to work/make money for those people?’

Then there is College GameDay.

McAfee stated that he wants to continue working for ESPN’s flagship collegiate program. He is without a long-term deal but mentioned possibly getting a bus to travel the country.

‘No long term deal in place but, I enjoyed the workload that came with being a part of one of the most iconic shows in the history of sports,’ McAfee said.

McAfee plans to continue to evaluate his busy schedule. His show is self-produced and funded without investors. He also negotiated deals with show partners. Despite potential changes to his schedule, McAfee said he would like to keep going with his crew.

So, what’s next for McAfee?

The former NFL punter is excited to explore the answers in the next chapter of his journey. One that includes remaining a self-proclaimed “disruptor” in the sports media world.

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