Karine Jean-Pierre calls Biden ‘best communicator’ in White House

White House press Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday exalted President Biden’s communication skills, calling him ‘the best’ in the White House.

The comments came during an exchange with a reporter who questioned whether Biden was ‘equally adept’ in all communication settings, be it ‘set pieces, impromptu remarks, teleprompter, no teleprompter, etc.’ 

‘[O]r are there … somewhere he probably isn’t as strong, etc.?’ the reporter asked. 

‘I would tell you this, the president is the best communicator that we have in the White House,’ Jean-Pierre shot back.

Fox News Digital has reached out to the White to elaborate on Jean-Pierre’s comments. 

Despite Jean-Pierre’s assertion of Biden’s communication skills, the president averaged just under a half a gaffe per workday in January.

That month saw Biden attempting to shift attention away from his classified document scandal as he focused on issues such as border security, Ukraine, the January 6 riot, and infrastructure. 

Biden has struggled with gaffes throughout his political career and presidency, with a long history of questionable comments and verbal tangles. Last week, the president opened his State of the Union address by incorrectly calling Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer the ‘minority’ leader.’ Schumer has held the title of majority leader since Biden took office. 


Biden has also, on more than one occasion, mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘president.’ 

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