Golf handicaps: Just how good are your favorite celebrities, athletes?

Golf is a hard sport to play, even for professionals.

That said, if you’ve ever seen events like the Pebble Beach Pro-Am or the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship out in Lake Tahoe, chances are you were surprised at the celebrity talent level. But just how good are they?

Thanks to the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN), we were able to compile the handicaps of some of your favorite celebrities, athletes and politicians (not just President Trump).

Donald Trump: 2.8

Apparently owning 17 golf courses is conducive to being pretty good. Who knew?

Bill Murray: 7.2

His character in Caddyshack looped for the Dalai Lama himself, so it’s no wonder he boasts a 7 handicap.

Justin Timberlake: 1.0

He can sing, dance, act and play golf? Is there anything JT can’t do?!

Michael Jordan: 1.9

The greatest basketball player of all time isn’t too shabby with a driver in his hand, either.

Tony Romo: +0.3

The CBS broadcaster and former Cowboys quarterback is no stranger to shooting under par … unless it’s at a PGA Tour event.

Stephen Curry: 0.1

A member of the Golden State Warriors’ ‘Splash Brothers,’ Curry’s golf shots rarely end up in the water.

J.R. Smith: 6.7

When he’s not draining 3’s in the NBA, Smith is draining putts at the local links.

Jake Owen: 3.1

The country music star had professional golf aspirations in high school, but it’s safe to say 2012’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year is doing just fine on stage.

Tom Brady: 9.3

Because why wouldn’t one of the best quarterbacks of all time also be good at golf?

Kenny G: 3.5

His golf game is almost as strong as his saxophone game, which is really saying something.

Wayne Gretzky: 9.8

The hockey legend isn’t as good as Dustin Johnson, who’s married to Paulina Gretzky, but The Great One is no slouch on the course.

Condoleezza Rice: 11.6

It’s not all business for the former Secretary of State, who can get it done on the course. In 2012, Rice was announced as one of the first two women to be admitted as members to Augusta National Golf Club.

Kevin Costner: 11.4

Judging by his handicap, the Tin Cup star did some great acting in the movie.

Matt Ryan: 2.4

The veteran quarterback is one of many great NFL players who can also stick it on the course.

Samuel L. Jackson: 10.3

The movie star’s contracts actually have a clause that allow him to play golf when shooting a film. Not a bad gig, right?

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