Texas Gov. Abbott blames Biden for border crisis, says admin is ‘missing in action’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott again took aim at the Biden administration Tuesday to amplify the crisis at the southern border and a lackluster federal response he said has led to record numbers of illegal migrants entering the United States. 

Speaking during his inauguration ceremony in Austin for a third term, Abbott blamed Biden for failing to enforce existing laws to combat illegal immigration, which he said has negatively impacted many border communities. 

‘As a result, more illegal immigrants crossed our border last year than any year in the history of the United States of America,’ he said. 

‘In fact, over the past two years, more illegal immigrants crossed our border than the populations of Austin, El Paso and Houston combined,’ he added. ‘With the Biden administration missing in action, Texas is using every tool to protect our state.’

Texas has enhanced security at the southern border amid a record number of crossings. In December, El Paso declared a state of emergency as migrants overwhelmed authorities. Other communities have also seen an influx of migrants, some with criminal records and prior deportations. 

In Del Rio, U.S. Border Patrol agents recently arrested two convicted sex offenders, shortly after they illegally entered the U.S.

In an effort to bring attention to the matter, Abbott has been bussing illegal immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities where officials have criticized tough border policies. 

Over the weekend, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said there is ‘no more room in New York’ for asylum seekers being sent to the Big Apple while touring the border in El Paso. 

‘We have to give people accurate information, and that is what some of the centers are doing here. They are truly explaining to people that this is what’s happening in New York right now,’ he said. ‘New York, you go there, you are going to be living in congregate settings, that there is no more room in New York. That should be coordinated by our national government, not only done locally here by those NGOs, but it should be done by our national government. That is not happening.’

Abbott has also ordered the investigation of nonprofits operating in the state over their possible assistance to migrants illegally crossing into the United States.

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