Top conservative group urges Congress to put politics aside, get things done for Americans

EXCLUSIVE – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the powerful fiscally conservative and libertarian political advocacy group, is launching a large ad blitz that calls on both major political parties in Congress to put politics aside and work towards tackling the problems facing Americans.

The campaign, which will feature a national television commercial and digital advertising, billboards and posters in and around the nation’s capital, and additional grassroots engagement through direct outreach and events, was shared first with Fox News on Tuesday.

‘To the 118th Congress – how will you be defined? Like those before you, will you be known for political theater? Or will you help solve our cost-of-living crisis? Will you spend responsibly to bring down inflation, remove red tape to lower our energy bills, make it easier to find fulfilling work,’ asks the narrator in the ad. 

‘You can be the Congress that makes life affordable. Americans need you to succeed. Will you?’ the narrator concludes.

AFP tells Fox News Digital that it is spending seven-figures on its campaign, which starts this week.

With Democrats holding the Senate majority and Republicans controlling the House, Congress is once again divided after two years to total Democratic control. 

AFP says their ‘Dear 118th Congress’ campaign highlights ‘the choice before Congress heading into a newly divided government – partisan gridlock with an eye towards the next election, or the hard work of legislating that voters expect.’

AFP was founded and financed by the Kansas based billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, who were known as the Koch brothers. 

David Koch stepped away from involvement in AFP ahead of his death in 2019.

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