Rep. Katie Porter used racist language, ‘ridiculed people for reporting sexual harassment,’ ex-staffer claims

An ex-staffer for Democrat Rep. Katie Porter of California alleged that the congresswoman made rude and racist comments to staff and said that she ‘ridiculed people for reporting sexual harassment.’

Sasha Georgiades, a Navy veteran and former Wounded Warrior fellow for Porter, also alleged that she heard the progressive congresswoman use racial slurs when talking to staff. Porter is currently facing scrutiny after leaked text messages showed her berating Georgiades for catching the coronavirus. 

Georgiades also said that Porter ridiculed people after they had reported sexual harassment in her office as well as ‘made fun of individuals whose parents passed away from COVID.’

‘Basically told the individual to grow up,’ Georgiades said regarding the case of a staffer who had reported sexual harassment in Porter’s office.

Georgiades noted that the staffer, who worked with her during her two-year period in Porter’s office, left the office shortly ‘after the sexual harassment conversation’ with the congresswoman.

She also noted the individual ‘hasn’t filed anything with ethics committee but spoke about it with [Porter] personally, and that was her response.’

The Navy veteran recalled a Facebook live event around the time of Porter’s COVID-19 infection in July — which Georgiades previously told Fox News Digital excommunicated her from the office for violating ‘office protocols’ — where the office communications director ‘had set up the ring light and iPad, and then Katie came in and completely dressed her down in front of me.’

Georgiades said that Porter had ridiculed her communications director because ‘she hadn’t set the ring light up correctly according to Katie and didn’t put the iPad in the right place so Katie would look good, and she was telling her basically there was no reason for her to even have a job if she had to just come in and fix everything.’

She added that the communications director had almost cried because Porter ‘made her feel so bad.’

Georgiades also said she heard Porter badmouthing Democrat leadership and that the progressive Democrat ‘has stated that she thinks Republicans have better policies.’

Porter’s office did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

A Twitter account called Dear White Staffers posted screenshots of conversations with anonymous ex-Porter staffers where the allegations of her saying ‘rude/racist things’ while trying to ‘mask it as edgy humor’ and badmouthing Democrat leadership.

‘Thinks she knows better and talks s— about other members, leadership, staffers, local [elected officials], etc., at full volume, in public, and to literally [anyone] who will listen,’ the post reads.

The anonymous account also accused Porter of being ‘completely disinterested’ in representing her district in Congress, adding that the only staffers who appear to ‘survive are superfans that participate in or overlook the abuse.’

‘Give it time and it will rank among the legendary toxic offices,’ the post read.

The claims come as Porter is hit by an avalanche of accusations following the Dear White Staffers account’s initial post regarding Georgiades’ excommunication from the congresswoman’s office for violating ‘office protocols’ by catching COVID-19.

Porter has a history of controversial text messages that have surfaced, such as her berating of Irvine, California, Mayor Farrah Khan after the congresswoman trashed the Irvine police department following her violent town hall last year.

In the texts, Porter criticized Khan, saying that she would not call the mayor after the arrest of Julian Willis after he allegedly punched a pro-Trump protester, giving the protester a bloody nose.

‘You can lecture me on professionalism. And see what happens,’ Porter wrote in the texts, despite famously wearing a Batgirl Halloween costume to the House of Representatives on the same day Democrats voted for a resolution on ground rules for the impeachment inquiry surrounding then-President Donald Trump. The National Republican Congressional Committee and other Republicans mocked the costume on Twitter.

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