Texas ranch owner near border catches men attempting to break into house

A Texas ranch owner has captured on video a group of men, who the owner believed to be illegal immigrants, attempting to break into her house in Edwards County. But Border Patrol officers were unable to apprehend the men.

The video, obtained by Fox News, shows a group of men trying to break into the house in Edwards County, Texas, about 50 miles inland from the border. 

The owner told Fox News the men tried to kick the door in and break it down with a piece of wood but were unsuccessful due to the thousands of dollars in security upgrades the owner previously did.


The owner said she called Border Patrol, which responded, but the men were gone by then. She said the men successfully broke into her neighbor’s property.

While the men’s immigration status is not known, ranchers and communities along and near the border have been dealing with a surge in illegal immigration, including enormous numbers of ‘gotaways.’

There were more than 73,000 getaways,  illegal immigrants who slipped past Border Patrol agents, in November, after fiscal year 2022 saw nearly 600,000 gotaways.

That’s amid a migrant surge that saw over 2.3 million migrant crossings in fiscal 2022. So far, the months of October and November have outpaced the same months in 2021. 

The border has been roiled by uncertainty surrounding the Title 42 public health order, which has been used to expel hundreds of thousands of migrants at the border and was due to expire last week.

The Supreme Court has put a block on that expiration, leaving the order in place until oral arguments can take place in the spring. 

The Biden administration has said it has a plan in place to deal with an expected surge in migration, which it has projected could reach 14,000 migrant encounters a day if the order is eventually halted.

Fox News’ Jasmine Baehr contributed to this report.

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