‘If I run, I win’: Mitt Romney confident he would win re-election in 2024, but remains unsure if he will run

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah., is unsure whether he will seek another term in the Senate next cycle, according to a recent interview discussing a potential 2024 run for re-election.

While speaking to Politico, Romney said that while he believes he would win, he has not made any final decisions to run.

‘I haven’t made a decision, finally,’ Romney told the outlet. ‘And probably won’t do that anytime in the immediate future.’

The Republican senator, who voted to impeach former President Trump, told Politico winning is ‘not a question in my mind.’

‘I’ve faced long odds: Getting the nomination in 2012 was a long shot, becoming a Republican governor in one of the most liberal states in America, Massachusetts,’ he said.

‘I’m convinced that if I run, I win. But that’s a decision I’ll make,’ Romney said of a potential re-election bid.

Romney was the GOP nominee in the 2012 presidential election and was defeated by former President Obama.

In April, Newt Gingrich told Fox News that he did not think Romney could win a statewide Senate race in Utah — particularly after Romney announced his support for President Biden’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised to see Romney run in the Republican primary. I think he’s more likely to run for president than for re-election in the Senate. It’s a free country, I think he has every right to do what he thinks is best, but I think you clearly see Massachusetts values in a Utah senator. And I think that’s probably not sustainable, and he can’t get re-elected,’ Gingrich told Fox News.

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