Von Miller says he might try to play through knee injury

While they managed to overcome the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, the Buffalo Bills almost experienced a complete disaster when it came to one of their more important players. Von Miller had to leave last Thursday’s game with what seemed like a severe knee injury at first glance.

Fortunately for the Bills, further tests afterward revealed that Miller didn’t tear his ACL, which would’ve ended his 2022 season. That said, he still tore a lateral meniscus — technically a less serious injury than an ACL, but still not insignificant for a high-level athlete known for utilizing his rare bend around the offensive edge.

According to a Tuesday update from Miller on ‘The Von Cast,’ he will try and play through the meniscus tear. He’ll first let the swelling go down, but then it looks like it might be full steam ahead again.

Yes, seriously:

It’s amazing how Miller casually describes a vital ligament tear as if it’s no big deal. While it’s unclear what the extent of Miller’s meniscus damage is, and recovery time does vary based on factors like age and personal physical fitness, it’s worth noting this is not a run-of-the-mill ailment. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a less severe meniscus tear, in a best-case scenario, can still range in a recovery of three to weeks. And that’s for everyday, non-professional athletes who aren’t paid to beat 300-plus-pound men like a drum.

If Miller does indeed make it back to play against the New York Jets in Week 14, that would mark just 17 days since the initial onset of his injury. And again, that’s to play in a dangerous professional football game against elite athletes, not get ready for a morning commute to the office. In case it wasn’t clear, Miller might really be a football cyborg who just heals better. (Also: He’ll probably wear a supportive brace.)

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