This golf nut played 17,820 holes last year — an unofficial world record

As golf nuts go, Nolan Krentz has to qualify as extra nutty. To put it in candy bar terms, his nut level would be somewhere between a Snickers and an Oh Henry!

Krentz, a member at Norsk Golf Club in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, is credited with playing 17,820 holes of golf last year, which is a record, or the equivalent of 990 18-hole rounds. As of October, he’s on pace to surpass that total and is shooting for 18,000 holes.

‘The joke is that I should have my mail delivered here,’ Krentz said.

According to the website Wisconsin.Golf, Krentz, a scratch golfer, wakes before sunrise and plays as many holes as possible – walking and using a push cart – around his job at a grocery store and coaching the Mount Horeb High School boys’ and girls’ golf teams.

In 2020, Krentz logged 17,766 holes. Last year, he beat that total by 54 holes, racking up an average of 48.82 per day, and playing his final round on Dec. 26. (He stops when snow on the greens prevents him from putting.)

The Wisconsin State Golf Association presented him with a plaque commemorating his devotion to the game.

The record of 17,820 holes is technically an unofficial world record. Guinness Book of World Records still counts the 14,625 holes played by Chris Adams of Canada in 2012 as the record. Guinness requires a logbook and witnesses for every round.

As of Oct. 25, Krentz had played 15,426 holes this year.

‘There will probably be a time when I dial back,’ he told Wisconsin Golf. ‘But not this year.’

As the saying goes, records are meant to be broken.

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