Asked about Halloween, Aaron Rodgers jokes, ‘How do I top last year?’

There has been no long, suspenseful buildup to Aaron Rodgers’ Halloween plans this year, but Pat McAfee did scare up a brief mention of it on his show on Tuesday.

During Rodgers’ weekly appearance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show,’ the host asked him if he was planning for Halloween already.

‘How do I top last year, you know?’ Rodgers said, laughing. ‘John Wick and a fine at a Halloween party, come on. How do I top that?’

The Green Bay Packers quarterback set off a weeks-long guessing game last year when he revealed in early September that his long hair had been a year in the making for his Halloween costume. Fans learned the night before Halloween it was all part of his look as Keanu Reeves’ hitman character in the ‘John Wick’ films.

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Rodgers shared photos of himself in character on Instagram, and video of him at a team-sanctioned Halloween party with other Packers players in costume also turned up on social media. Rodgers and teammate Allen Lazard were fined $14,650 each for attending the party and violating NFL and NFL Players Association COVID-19 protocols, which prohibited unvaccinated players from attending gatherings of more than three players outside team facilities.

One of the more popular guesses from fans last year about who Rodgers might dress up as was Nicolas Cage’s character in “Con Air,” but it turns out he saved that look for the day he reported to training camp in July.

If Rodgers’ hair is to offer a clue as to the look he might be going for this Halloween, good luck.

He’s been getting a lot of attention on social media for his current cut  – shaved on the sides and back and long over the top. Some have called it a ‘reverse mullet.’ It especially catches people’s eye for how it looks from the back when he’s wearing a cap, with pieces of hair sticking out from behind each ear.

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