LeBron James clarifies desire to play with (or against) son Bronny

As LeBron James inches closer to the all-time NBA scoring record, he is mostly concerned with winning more titles and hopefully playing long enough to  share the court with his son, Bronny. 

James is in his 20th year in the NBA, and Bronny is a senior in high school, although if the younger James wants to be in the league, he will have to wait until at least 2024.

‘I need to be on the floor with my boy, I got to be on the floor with Bronny,’ James told ESPN. 

‘Either in the same uniform or a matchup against him. I don’t mean like [guarding one another all game] – because he’s a point guard and I’m…  playing center or whatever the team needs from me. But I would love to do the whole Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. thing. That would be ideal for sure.’

James says that Bronny’s ultimately goal is to make it to the NBA. 

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‘So, if he wants do to it, he’s got to put in the work. I’m here already, so, I’m just waiting on him,’ James said. 

This season, James is averaging 28.9 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.7 assists for the Los Angeles Lakers, who are in 12th place in the Western Conference. 

James is currently 460 points from breaking the all-time scoring record, held by Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

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